Get That Sparkling Smile You've Always Wanted

Get That Sparkling Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of dental techniques that can help correct everything from superficial discoloration to basic tooth structure and arrangement. Perhaps the most frequently opted cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. Sometimes referred to as bleaching, this technique helps remove discoloration or staining from excessive coffee intake or tobacco usage. The most commonly used teeth whitening products contain a fixed percentage of peroxide which helps bleach the enamel surface making the teeth noticeably brighter. The typical peroxide strength in whitening products is 10-22 % and the degree of whitening may vary depending on the product your dentist uses.

While a range of home whitening kits are available in the market, most users will find that dental bleaches performed under professional guidance are more effective since the professional whitening products contain stronger peroxide content than do over-the-counter kits. Typically, patients may want to undergo prior teeth cleaning to ensure that any residual plaque or tartar is removed ensuring that the whitening reaches the tooth surface and lasts longer.

In many cases, however, superficial whitening may be insufficient especially if the teeth are crooked or chipped. Enamel shaping is a technique that helps improve the shape of the tooth by filing the enamel layer, and is a relatively painless procedure that delivers instant results. Tooth veneers work well for individuals looking to even out their teeth and can help cover any unattractive spacing particularly between the frontals. Veneers are generally porcelain shells and these are custom fitted to ensure that they can be layered onto the individual’s teeth without it being too apparent. If the tooth layers are damaged or if significant portions of individual teeth are broken, dental crowns may be an ideal fit. Dental caps are built to be sturdy enough to function as normal teeth do and may be composed of acrylic or porcelain fused with metal components to make them extra strong.

Get That Sparkling Smile You've Always Wanted

Dental implants are a great option for patients with missing teeth, where artificial dentures can help replace a broken or decayed tooth. Implants are permanent since they function as the root for the denture, and are surgically attached to the jawbone.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Depending on the type of dental care you need, it is important to choose a general dental professional or a specialist. To point you in the right direction there is this very helpful and informational dental portal e dental direct where you can get free consultation about your dental issues and they will give you the best options to fix those issues – visit the site: as your first step towards beautiful smile.

A general dentist can handle most oral concerns including tooth discoloration and tartar and even bring the skills to handle dental caries and deeper gum disease. Children and even adults with uneven teeth patterns may want to consult dental specialists such as an orthodontist who can help realign teeth with braces and help in proper development, particularly with young kids. Read more on

When it comes to choosing a dental professional there are several factors to consider including their specialty and skill level. Regardless of your exact needs, choosing the right dentist is a key step to preserving good oral health while helping you transform your smile.

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